David Galarza is responsible for about 10% of the funds he was was bragging about raising through the “support of the community”.

April 16, 2009

Check out this blogger’s story by cutting and pasting the following link:


It highlights some insightful facts the David Galarza campaign left out of their press release about Galarza’s fundraising prowess. Among the most interesting/hilarious: David Galarza is responsible for about 10% of the funds he was was bragging about raising through the “support of the community”.

You can’t make this sort of stuff up.

Another Blogger Against David Galarza

April 9, 2009


Check out the above link.

Sounds like someone else is jumping on the “David Galarza does not represent Sunset Park” bandwagon.

Galarza Getting Grimy

March 26, 2009
This promises to be a particularly dirty election season in Sunset Park as one candidate for Sunset Park’s City Council seat, David Galarza, is already desperately slinging the dirt in his third attempt to defeat incumbent Sara Gonzalez.
Word is his campaign had people walking to businesses throughout Sunset Park and handing out negative stories about Councilperson Gonzalez.
Really? In March? The campaign is six months away – can’t you leave the negativity until August?
Those I spoke to who are more politically savvy than myself say that Mr. Galarza is desperate to win, thus the antics. He is already seen as a sort of perennial candidate and a final defeat would evaporate whatever minimal support is left from his past campaign attempts. His fund-raising troubles are certainly also contributing: he is resigned to seek contributions in Upper Manhattan (where he has an upcoming campaign event), apparently unable to find enough people to support him with their hard earned dollars in good old Sunset Park.
It can’t help that his entire campaign is in effect an anti-Gonzalez effort, rather than a pro-Galarza one. In times of increased pessimism and negativity over the economy and the nation’s future, people appear less willing to support a cause focused on pessimism and negativity. At least that’s how the people I know and speak to see things…

Hello world!

March 26, 2009

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